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A Tunnel

I look around me

Into the never ending darkness

Moving forward, Finding a way out.

It’s been a continuum of days

Just walking around and not giving up.

Incontinently, I hear noises

That I haven’t heard in a spell

‘What is it? Is this the end?’

I wonder in the gloom.

And then I see it,

The light at the end of the tunnel

Reaching out for me.

I step out in hope

That this isn’t another tunnel

Which is just brightly lit.


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No to ‘no regrets’

Have you ever let anyone

Eat away that last slice of pizza? (Unless you’re way too full)

If yes, then you exactly know what regret is.

If no, then let me pat your back,mate.

Well, its believed that you shouldn’t have

Any regrets in your life.

But do you think that without

Doing something you shouldn’t have,

You’ll be able to go out and conquer the world or atleast achieve what you wanted to?

No. Life doesn’t work that way.

I’m no one to say how life works because

Life doesn’t give a damn about me(sighs)

But without making a wrong decision,

You’ll never really know how to make the right one.

Even though people say they don’t believe in regrets,

They secretly have some because let’s face it

You gotta be perfect to make the right decision at every point of time

And you know the reality? No one is perfect.

So just go out there, take your decision

Learn to fall and rise

And yes, learn to have some regrets(its interesting)



P.S. the last pizza slice means more than the whole pizza 😉

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Here it goes..


Into the woods I go,Explore all that I want to.

From the thin ray of light cleaving

Through the large canopy to

The sound of the-not-so-known insects,

It amused me all.

Never in my life had I seen,

A lady bug open one side of it’s wings

A tree expanding it’s roots

A cucoon breaking

A monkey’s tail shaking,

But that day, I did.

I saw everything that goes unobserved

In our busy schedule.

I realised one more thing

That my heart had fallen deep inside

A well that contained the spirit of adventure.

That was when I knew that

Mansions, private jets, posh parties

And all the luxurious things could not satisfy me

The way the woods did.

So now all that matters to me is



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A phase. And just a phase.

In this world of run and chase
You start from the base

With a smile on your face.

Every year,every month,

Every week, every day,

Every hour and every second

You spend in this chase

Worse than ever will be your case.
But then just like

A sunrise occurs after a sunset,

a ray of hope will abet.

So with every year, every month,

Every week, every day

Every hour and every second

You spend with this ray,

Your stage will be set.
The moment, in which

The tiny ray turns into a complete

Sunrise of success, will be yours.

And no one can stop you,

After this.


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That mask.

Above a few layers..
Was a mask
Giving a task
To figure out what was beneath.
From solitude to amazement..
It could show all,
More like FAKE all of it.
No matter how hard you try..You’ll never know when it cried.
All the people in the room,
You and me, everyone has it.
We wear it everyday and every second
we live.
All fake and yet believed in.
But then what’s beneath?
It’s YOU.
Behind all the smiles coming out of
Formalities is a person,
So lost in thoughts, it doesn’t pay attention.
So habitual to faking things, that it’s hard
Not to fake.
It didn’t used to be like this..
But in a world full of artificials,
How could something genuine survive?

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It won’t stop.


From choosing the favourite toy
To choosing the life partner..
This object is constant.
This little fist-sized object
Always taken for granted.
There is never a moment when
It’s not ignored.
It’d be the most faithful thing
In your life and why?
Because even after,
All the cracks, all the ignorance,
All the sufferings, all the pain,
And all the ‘you make me weak’ phrases,
This object wont leave you.
It’s will so strong that it wont stop.
It wont stop BEATING.
No matter how many times you
Listen to that tiny brain of yours,
This object wont let you live peacefully.
Just once in your life listen to that
Object you own.
Trust me, you’ll be the most satisfied
Person on Earth.

P.S. Dont even doubt your worth.💫

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That part of me.

A part of me wants to dance till the last drop of water on this haven dries up..
A part of me wants to understand, feel, read and calm peoples’ mind..
A part of me wants to run away with all the money and explore this small yet vast world..
A part of me doesn’t want to give a damn to other’s thoughts and mindsets..
And the part that i’m playing right now is full of chaos, struggle, some light-hearted conversations and a few whole-hearted laughs. This is isn’t what I want to do but it sure is the preparation for what I want to do.
Cause every hard work done, is noted down by someone out there who is kind-hearted to pay us for that.
I’m just waiting for this part to get over and earn my pay.


P.S.: I love reading so much! ❤❤

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Embrace ’em.

Go watch a fairy tale..
Because this my dear..
Is the reality you shouldn’t fear.

Remember that..
Even in the competition of Miss Universe..
The final round is where..
You bag that crown.

All you need to know is..
That it’s the ‘quality’ that matters..
Not the ‘quantity’.

You are perfectly imperfect,
Your inner beauty is your purest wealth
And it’s your echt soul that makes you
You own all these words and emotions and why?
Because it’s YOU.


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One way we can explore this whole wide world is by travelling. There is always a consistent feeling like the graph of a linear polynomial ( :p) that never lets me have enough of travelling.
I want to go out, travel and explore.
Explore the woods of the Amazon where ‘existence’ is merely a word.
Explore the mountains and caves in this common haven of ours.
Explore the hidden culture of the cemented cities.
I wish to explore the places where society, politics and the orthodox system aren’t given any significance.
Cause the people there actually fulfill the meaning of ‘life‘.
I wish to do that.
Explore what the world has in store for me.
Cause Travel is a drug, which I’m not ashamed of taking.


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Why did she do that? Am I a loser? Do I appear boring? Are all the concerns and faith shown by people legit? And a lot more..
The thoughts of an overthinker are never predictable. They tend to get lost in their silence even among the chaos of a fish market. They overthink to a limit that no situation surprises them, and this is because they go and live every situation possible in a particular respect.
They dread diseases and deaths. They imagine how they’ll be when they lose someone dear. How will they die? Who will be their lover? What will be their last sentence? What they’ll do in a do or die situation? Yes. Wild imagination is what they have.
They think before they speak. Contain introvert-type qualities. Mood swing victims(pretty bad ones).
And how do I know all this?
Because Overthinking is a not-so-known disease and I’m a victim.

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What if she was ignorant?

To talk not of feminism

Or of a raped victim

But of unconditional love!

What if she forgot your favourite food?

You’ll be desperate for no good!

What if she didn’t teach you good values?

You’ll be a Bandit with immoral values.

What if she didnt ensure your good health?

You’ll be a money-man with no Inner Wealth.

What if she forgot to wake you up on the day of your examination?

You’ll be miserable beyond imagination.

What if she didn’t care anymore?

You wouldn’t be able to share your worries with her anymore.

What if she wasn’t there to wipe your tears?

You would be still accustomed with your fears.

What if she stopped loving you?

Without her support, your life will be without clue.

What if she went on a Strike?

You wouldn’t want to imagine the consequences even with all your might.